Let's face it, your 20s are one of the most precious and best time of your life: you have the most energy, freedom to do anything you want and chase your dreams.

However, as we get older, we start to realize that life is not always about rainbows and sunshine, there will be storms and earthquakes.

And at some point in our life, we lose our direction and start questioning whether we're doing the right things or not. Many times, it's those who did the right things in their 20s that end up being the most successful ones.

But worry not, we have compiled 20 things to help you to get the best out of your 20s, regardless of where you are and what you do right now. And if you're no longer in your 20s, you will absolutely still gain value from reading this article.

1. Learn personal finance

Mortgages, index funds, retirement plans, taxes. If those things overwhelm you, this is the right time to start learning about personal finance. We really love Ramit Sethi's book called "I will teach you to be rich", as well as Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad".

2. Failure is not everything

Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you are a failure. Every failure that you have right now will set you for a better opportunity. Don't give up!

We really love this Princeton professor, Johannes Haushofer, who listed his failures into one entire resume! You can read the full it here.

3. Don’t lie on your resume

Most companies nowadays aren't stupid, considering how competitive the world is these days. And at some point, they will catch you when you lie.

Instead of lying, go and acquire as much skill as possible and go deep in that.

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4. Start making real connections with real people

Stop using, Tinder. Spend less time on your social media, for now is the time to concentrate on getting some real connection.

This may mean that you have to leave your comfort zone and start talking to new people.

Yes, yes it’s hard, but nothing good comes easy. If you are an introvert, Susan Cain has some great advice in her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

5. Get serious about your social media profiles

This means that you have to stop posting rubbishy selfies or your duck faces on Facebook and Instagram as employers actually check out a few things there.

Instead, aim at using that stuff less and building up a great profile on LinkedIn.

6. Stop looking back and ruminating

Too many regrets?

That’s for losers.

The only way is forward. Think of what David Livingstone, the great explorer said:

7. Exercise sucks, but you MUST do it

Don't skip going to the gym. Your body needs it.

Take care of your body, and it will pay you tenfold in the future.

8. It’s okay to make mistakes

Fucked up your hair?

Failed an interview?

Ordered the wrong dish?

Messed up a class presentation?

Got bad grades?

Adults can be wrong too.Only they’re better at hiding it and typically start calling their mistakes wanky things like ‘learning curves’.

It gets better, so don’t worry so much!

9. Patience is a virtue, but it is also overrated

If patience was a virtue, then urgency should be divine.

Things may take time, but how long will it take is determined by your ambition, goals, and work ethic.

Be impatiently patient.

10. Ditch toxic friendships

You know those people who hang around you.They sometimes take advantage or are not reliable or are simply whiners.

Get rid of them or avoid them whenever or wherever possible.You don’t need any more negative people in your life. Remember, you're the average 5 people around you.

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11. Go for high-quality friends

This is to follow up from the previous point. Real friendships are like gold.They have to stand the test of time.

And when you get one, protect it as much as possible and be loyal.

12. Stop making excuses about missing deadlines and your workouts.

No explanation needed. Just read this one.

13. Stop eating fast food

Fast food is sometimes quick and easy, but it’s just not worth it for your health. 

If you are really really busy, then try having a meal prep instead.

14. Stop closing your mind and explore

Your mind is like a parachute. Only open when it needs to be opened.

There's this quote that we really like: “Keep an open mind – but not so open that your brain falls out”. – Carl Sagan

15. Stop driving fast

You might be in a hurry, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Manage your time well and always allow extra time when travelling.

16. Buy an educational app

Yes, stop all those games and start reading summaries of books while waiting for appointments.

The Blinkist app is a great way to speed up your learning and fill in those gaps in your knowledge.

17. Keep tattoos covered

Unfortunately, people still view these with mixed reactions and if you want to have a good first impression on anyone, it makes sense to have them well hidden.

Even in some business circles, they are frowned upon.

18. Get distractions under control

It's really hard to be focused these days, especially with all these email plunging into your inbox and with this social media world that is getting more and more popular every single day.

Don't let yourself be distracted. Put away your phone when you work.

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19. Learn to move out of your comfort zone

20. Learn the art of being happy.

At the end of the day, your happiness should always be your number one. Life is a series of battle that you must conquer in every chapter that it offers. Some will be a blessing in disguise, and some will be a painful lesson to you. But it's life.

Always look for the good in every situation, and you'll always be fine.

Make the best out of your 20s

Life is all about choices, and your 20s happen only once.

Ruin it, and you will regret your whole life.

Make the best out of it, and you will live your dreams.


There you go, 20 things that you should know to make the best out of your 20s (or whatever your age is).

Let us know which one is your favorite one by commenting down below!

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