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5 Tips To Wake Up Earlier With Minimal Misery

November 12, 2018

Let's face it, waking up early isn't easy for most people. We are often so caught up in rushing out to doors because we are about to be late, hitting the snooze button for multiple times, and sleeping longer than we should. However, waking up early is crucial to your life, as it will improve your productivity and overall happiness in general. In this article, I'm going to show you five tips to wake up earlier with minimal misery.

1. Have something that excites you.

Have something that excites you every day is the best motivator to wake you up in the morning. If you don’t have something that excites you to get up for, it can be really tough for you to get up early. Perhaps, you don't wake up early simply because you hate your boss. If that's true, then find a solution to solve that problem, such as finding a new job. Finding a purpose is crucial so that you get motivated every single day and attack your morning with massive success. Writing down the things that you want to get done the next done also helps!

2. Have a regular wake up time.

Waking up at the same time every day, including the weekends will allow your natural body clock (or circadian rhythm as we call it) to work correctly. However, with different wake-up times, it becomes more challenging because your body gets confused. If you need to sleep a little bit later than usual on the weekends because you have a party, try to still get up at your regular time and have a short nap instead during the day so that your body clock stays in a good rhythm.

3. Don't hit that snooze button.

Don't fall into the trap of “just five more minutes” and “we’ll go to the gym this afternoon, or tomorrow". Just because you get five more minutes of extra sleep doesn't mean you will wake up more refreshed. Instead, be someone who's accountable and disciplined by waking up right when the alarm rings and have a quality sleep every night.

4. Use the sunlight to wake you up.

Sunlight has been regarded as the most effective alarm. Being in a dark room and then having an alarm clock blaring you into waking is a really shocking way of waking up for the system. It's just so painfully miserable. Instead, try to have your window mirror to be uncovered so that when the sun shines, you get the beam immediately and wake up.

5. Get your room temperature right.

Getting your room temperature right is essential, so you get the comfort you want when sleeping. It’s tough to get up in the winter when the room is so dark and cold, especially when you are all covered with a warm blanket. To tackle this problem, automate your heating system to turn on one hour before you wake up. That way, you will wake up more easily as the room is no longer freezing. On the other hand, when the summer comes, try having your room temperature a little bit cold with your air conditioner so that you can sleep comfortably.


Waking up early can be a huge challenge to many of us who love sleeping. However, with some commitments and consistent routine, there is no way that you can't wake up early and tackle your day with massive success. Let me know your favorite tip in the comment section below!

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