Having a morning routine to start your day is essential.However, for the majority of us, our morning routine tends to be disorganized and non-existent.

We’re so often caught up in either rushing out and hitting the snooze button or even sleeping for way longer than we should.With that being said, how you start your day determines how the rest of your day will pan out.

If you are one of those individuals who is struggling to make a consistent morning routine, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we're going to show you 6 powerful tips to get your morning right.

How to start your day matters -- a lot.

It's been said many times that "how you start your day affects how the rest of your day will go." and we couldn't agree more.

With this Facebook and Instagram world, it's evident now that most people start off their days by checking their phones.

They would seek updates, emails, and notifications from someone they probably don't like.

It's like living on someone else's term, and there's nothing worse than starting your day like that.

1. Wake up early

As Benjamin Franklin says, "early to bed, early to rise".

Are you one of those people who snooze alarm and always wake up late?Being rushed is never a good feeling, and it can put you in a bad mood.The key to waking up earlier is simply by sleeping at a reasonable time.

And if you’re incredibly organized, you can even prepare for your morning the night before.It’s just amazing how much you can accomplish by waking up earlier.Always aim for 8-9 hours of sleep every night so that you feel refreshed when you wake up.

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2. Drink a glass of water

Drinking a glass of water after waking up is essential, as our bodies become dehydrated while we sleep.When you drink water, your body metabolism starts, and you will feel refreshed.

Finally, you can even add a squeeze of lemon to get more vitamin C and alkalize your body.

3. Meditate

Add a few minutes of meditation to your routine.If you’re a beginner, there are plenty of good apps to guide you through this, such as Omvana and Headspace.

Practicing mindfulness on a consistent basis is so important for your mental and physical health, yet we often forget to do this.

Doing a simple 5-minute meditation session can help relieve stress, improve focus, and all the other emotions that we come face to face with.

4. Exercise

There's a misconception that if you exercise in the morning, you will get tired in the afternoon.

Working out in the morning will improve your stamina and physical strength, for your body will get four to ten hours of extra focus post-workout.

Furthermore, exercising will also boost your energy and metabolism, making you more productive throughout your day.

5. Don't skip breakfast

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal because it gives you the energy to help you get through your day.Sadly, there are still plenty of people who still miss breakfast.

Don't let this be you.

With your breakfast, you want always to choose something that is high in protein, healthy, and not full of sugar.If you prefer something sweet, try making chia seed pudding or porridge.

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6. Make your bed.

Sometimes, it's the little things that make the most impact.When you make your bed, you get one task done.

And one task done leads to another task done, and another one -- until all of your daily tasks are done.

This is a powerful mindset shift that is coined by Admiral William H. McRaven.

It's time to attack with massive success.

We are what we repeatedly do.And what you repeatedly do has to start somewhere, especially when you just woke up.

Start your day well, and your life improves.It's time to attack your day with massive success.


There's a saying that how you start your day will impact how you live your life, and we couldn't agree more with that.

Having a good morning routine is essential so that you can attack your day with massive success.

Let us know which one is your favorite tip in the comment section below!

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