In all the history of enjoying a tasty treat, there is nothing better than the guiltless satisfaction which comes from experiencing a fresh blend of your favorite fruits and veggies.

Throw in condiments packed with all the nutrients which the body loves, and you’re on your merry way to nirvana. However, most people have troubles with hitting the smoothie just right.

If you’re reading this, you probably have been faced with a similar challenge and have decided to throw in the towel and give up the hope of ever making a smoothie that’s smooth.

Here, we will unravel some of the most sought-after secrets to making the best smoothies.

But before we get into the core of this article, you have to know the 4 components of smoothie first.

The 4 Components of Smoothie

1. The base

If you are going to create fruit smoothies, then you'll need fruit base. Or if you opt for the veggies, spinach and kale are the two most popular ones.

However, if you prefer the former, bananas and avocados blend really well for smoothies.

But remember to not overpower the fruit base, as it will affect the flavor.

Other fruits that work really well includes berries, pineapples, and mangos.

2. The thickeners

This one you need to adjust according to your preference.

If you like thick and creamy smoothies, adding natural thickener like peanut butter, almond butter, Greek yogurt are the best way to start.

Other thickeners might include chia seeds, rolled oats, and flaxseeds.

3. The liquid

This one is really easy to decide, but it's not something to ignore if you want a great smoothie.

You could use almond milk, soy milk, or any other dairy milk that you prefer. My favorite is coconut milk!

If you don't have any of those, simply use water or normal milk!

4. The superfoods

Now you have all the basics figured out for your smoothie, it's time for you to add some super powders like chia seeds, cacao, flaxseeds!

Also, if you are a big fan of tea, try adding tea powders like our naturally blended almond matcha and rose tea all day!

8 Tips to Make a Better Smoothie

1. Using a good blender

Sometimes, one big mistake most people make when preparing smoothies comes from using the wrong grade utensils.

For example, some blenders come with fewer blades than others. Using lower-grade blades to blend your smoothie is often why you get a bad smoothie, as it will not make the right texture.

There is just no way for things to work as seamlessly as expected when you are using the wrong tool to do something.

So, it is essential to take into account the grade of utensils used while preparing smoothies as they contribute quite a lot to the overall taste and texture obtained for your smoothie.

2. Always experiment with new ideas

Try out new flavors, fruits, and mixing techniques.

The available guidelines and catalog of smoothie recipes and types are only available to provide some preparation guidelines, but there are no hard and fast rules regarding how you should mix your smoothies.  The ideas are endless!

So why not break the rules sometimes? In the video below, you can see how we make a delicious rose avocado smoothie using beetroots and avocados as our fruit base!

3. Right measurements produce the right results

Just like in baking and cooking, the measurements of your ingredients would determine whether or not there is too much of one element or another.

And we all know how it feels to have a component in excess: too sweet, too sour, too thick or liquidy.

Using ingredients in their right proportions play a vital role in the overall outcome of your smoothie. 

Here is a guide, but if you've become and expert at making smoothies, feel fry to explore more options.

4. Add vegetables to your smoothie!

Adding just one cup of dark leafy greens to your smoothie mixture increases both the taste and health benefits of your smoothie.

Dark leafy greens contribute the right amounts of potassium, and iron needed to improve your overall health.

However, to avoid brewing a mud-like concoction which may turn out difficult to drink, consider measuring the number of greens you add in proportion to the other ingredients in general.

5. Consider adding a slice of lemon

Got your smoothie too sweet? Adding a slice of lemon will do the trick!

6. Ditch the ice cubes

If you like your smoothie to be chilly, just freeze your fresh fruits in advance by putting them in ziploc bags.

Adding ice cubes is just like adding more water to your smoothie and will dilute the overall taste.

You can also freeze coconut milk into cubes, and use them in your smoothie.

7. Use ziploc bags

Following from the previous point, make your ready-to-go smoothie packs in ziploc bags and freeze them!

Simply put a single or couple serving amount of your frozen ingredients in ziploc bags and you're all set!

8. Start slow and protect your blades

There's no need to go full speed from the get go.

Starting from the highest speed will likely break your blades, for your blades are going to spin against frozen, solid fruits.

Use the lowest speed for roughly one minute, then increase the speed as you go.

That way, you will get a much better texture and creamy smoothie.

Better Smoothie, Better You.

The best smoothies are the ones that leave a lasting memory and keep you healthy.

Start your morning with one cup of smoothie for better digestion and attack your day with massive success.

The key here is to mix fresh ingredients that work well, be innovative with your add-ins, and use great utensils.

How to make smoothies with SIMPLTEA

Green Almond Matcha Smoothie

Creamy Chocolate Smoothie

Chai Banana Smoothie

Mixed Berries Rose Smoothie


As promised, if you follow all of the tips above, you will make a much better smoothie.

What tips do you have for making smoothies? Share with us in the comments section.

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