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June 19, 2018

As smoothie is getting more and more popular these days, there are so many ways to create your own favourite smoothie at home. However, just because you love to create a smoothie, doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. Whether you are just starting out or have been making smoothies for years, in this article, I’m going to give you four ingredients that you should never put in your smoothie.

1. Flavoured yoghurt

While yoghurt is known for its health benefits, adding yoghurt to your smoothie is actually recommended, as long as it is not flavoured. With the added sugar, colourings and artificial fruit flavourings, flavoured yoghurt isn’t actually as healthy as you think. What you should do instead, is to replace your flavoured yoghurt with a plain greek yoghurt that is rich in protein and calcium. Moreover, Greek yoghurt is also known for its probiotic that could foster your digestive system and is good for your weight loss.

 2. Prepacked fruit juice

Yes, prepacked fruit juice might contain lots of vitamin C and other perks that might present there, however, most prepacked juices like these contain lots of sugar that might harm your health if consumed every day. Instead, you should replace this with fruits that you blend yourself without any added sugar to get the full nutrition like fibre, vitamins, and so on.

 3. Sugar and fake sweeteners

You are already getting enough sugar from the fruit you are using – adding more sugar is unnecessary and could harm your overall health if eaten every day. Moreover, artificial sweeteners that claim zero calorie isn’t that better either since most of them are processed stuff and may disturb your overall metabolism.

 4. Protein Powders

While it might be wise for you to add more protein content to your smoothie, most protein powders are sugary and processed stuff. Choose protein powders that are organic and has natural flavour with at least 20 grams of protein, less than 5 gram of carbs, and less than 2 gram of sugar.

5. Spinach

Although there is nothing wrong with adding spinach to your smoothie, there are some veggies out there that just don’t blend with fruits and yoghurts. Spinach is one of them; it just doesn’t mix and is not a good combination. It will smell like iron and has that strange taste that you wouldn’t want to get from your smoothie.

In the end, the overall health benefits of a smoothie bowl will come down to how you make your smoothies, along with the quality of the ingredients that you use. I recommend that you add matcha green tea to your smoothie in order to get more antioxidants from your smoothie, and not to mention that matcha contains zero calories and sugar!

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