Ever wonder why you’re not getting results after months of working out even though you’re sure that you’re doing it correctly? Although there are a lot of factors to consider, many people still forget some simple rules that they need to do before they start their exercise.

Even if you're an exercise fanatic, you’re probably feeling pretty smug right now due to your lack of results from working out. Or perhaps you’re just afraid that you can’t commit enough time to exercise to make it worthwhile.

Or it might be that you feel that you can’t afford the cost of gym membership, or family responsibilities while you’re at your workout session.

If these reasons, or others, are keeping you from taking advantage of the healthful benefits of exercise, keep reading as you’ll find that you may not have to sacrifice as much as you fear.

Here in this article, we're going to give you four simple tips to triple your workout performance.

1. Set a goal

To get what you want, you must set a goal so that you don’t lose focus and directions. The same thing goes with tripling your workout performance.

We highly recommend that you set a clear, specific, and measurable goal every single month like losing 2 lbs within two weeks, or maybe burning 50,000 calories in 60 days, or maybe doing 20 miles of cardio within 30 days.

You get the idea. And there's nothing better than doing this by writing it down on your sticky notes, and then stick it on the wall.

The purpose of doing this is that you want to see these notes every single day so that you are reminded.

Since humans are visual animals, the primary benefit of writing a goal is that you are going to crystallize your goals, and thus, make them more tangible. So, setting a goal (and writing it down) will help you triple your workout performance.

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2. Get a good night sleep

This might sound very simple, but sadly, more than half of Americans don't get enough sleep. It's just a fact, and you might be one of those.

Regardless of how busy you are, committing to a good and consistent 8-hour sleep and wake up at the exact same hour will improve your overall performance, not just in the gym, but also at all aspects of your life. Also, as we sleep, the brain recharges.

This is important for building muscles or losing weight, for a rested mind is a motivated and focused brain. In simple terms, when you sleep, your body is recovering.

And when you recover, you replace, repair, and rebuild your tissues and cells — all of which are needed for optimal progress and tripling your workout performance. Thus, getting a good night sleep is critical to improving your performance in the gym.

3. Hire a trainer

Some people are not born to work out every day like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it is highly understandable that committing to a workout routine could be a huge challenge for so many people. The solution? Hire a personal trainer.

Although this might cost you some money, it is assured that hiring a good performance trainer is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. In fact, some trainers are willing to offer you discounts for bulk packages. To triple your performance, you have to be smart and efficient with your workout session.

Sometimes, it's not just about who works the hardest that gain the most results, but rather the ones who choose to work smarter and also hard. If you could exercise for one hour to get the exact same results of working out for several hours, who wouldn't want that?

And this is where a personal trainer comes into play. Personal trainers can save you plenty of time and show you the best techniques and movement to maximize your results. As a consequence, to triple your workout performance, you should consider hiring a trainer.

4. Workout with friends

Working out with friends could be a good idea for those of you who are struggling alone: it makes training more fun, you get more motivation and less lame excuses, and most importantly, you push each other.

In fact, more than 40% of people drop a fitness course within a month after it begins, if they workout alone. But that percentage is cut by half if they do it with some partners. And ahhhh, speaking of the partner exercise!

Whether this involves aerobic exercises or body-weight exercises such as the plank reach-and-touch or partner rows or just some little push-ups, that second person who is working out with you may be invaluable when you want to add more intensity to your session.

So, if you're going to triple your results, consider asking that friend who has similar goals with you. After all, we are in this together, aren't we?

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There you go, four simple tips that you could implement today to triple your workout performance. None of these tips would work nor improve your body unless you do them.

You have to do the work and be disciplined. What is your favorite one so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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