Our Story

Our Story began with a simple interest in the mixture of Healthy Nutrition & Flavor. Me and my partner felt like we needed more nutritional elements in our every day diets, we then started testing multiple type of ingredient in our foods but we looked for not only nutrition but also flavor as we are big fans of eating delicious meals and drinking smoothie, teas coffees, and the list goes on.

We then stumbled upon Tea Powders, they blended perfectly with our smoothies, we could make great lattes with them, and we were able to cook healthy meals and breakfasts as well. We then went on to finding some on the most nutritional type of food that would blend seamlessly with the tea powders and that's how we began blending all types of teas with different sorts of nuts, fruits, natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup..).

We settled with 4 recipes that we made our original starting products


  • Organic highest grade ceremonial matcha powder
  • Organic ground almond



  • Organic Dragon-Well black tea powder
  • Organic cinnamon powder
  • Organic ginger powder
  • Organic fennel powder
  • Organic honey powder


  • Organic black tea powder
  • Organic rose powder
  • Organic honey powder


  • Organic black tea powder
  • Organic cacao powder
  • Organic cinnamon powder
  • Organic coconut powder

We traveled the world with our taste buds and wanted to share the experience we had the pleasure to enjoy, come check out our tea blend, there SIMPL, Organic, and Packed With Nutrition


  • Because enjoying your food and drinks while making sure you're getting the right nutrition is important to ensure you stick to a healthy diet. Everyone likes good food, no matter what you think is good.
  • Because a simple cup of tea connects people around the world everyday. Connecting with people is vital for our brains and living happy social moments.
  • Because it is the second most popular drink in the world, right behind the water, now that must mean something right ?
  • And SIMPLy because we love sharing our experience and findings with other people so much, that we had to extend to more then just our friends and families.

Our Goal In 1 Sentence

What matters to us is that you are satisfied. This is our basic mission!

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