Everyone has a story to tell. Let us tell you ours.

Delicious aromas and health benefits make tea a perfect drink - much better than unhealthy alternatives.

Our store was founded in 2018 with the idea to give people the pleasure of fresh high-quality teas and majestically combined ingredients that create irresistible mixtures of origins from around the world.

We wanted to present to our fellow citizens the flavorings, textures and useful properties of bulk tea, while they are slowly acquainted with the history of tea and understand the culture of the people who value it and drink it for centuries.

We are passionate lovers of good tea and in our offer, we have a choice that will satisfy even the most challenging taste.

Our Why

A perfect cup of tea, friendly environment and colorful, modern shops. Then, you may ask - why did we choose exactly the tea?
Because it's healthy, tasty and fun.
Because it connects people around the world. Because it is the second most popular drink in the world, right behind the water! And simply because it makes us happy! Let us make you happy as well.
As the conversation begins, as love begins, as the new story begins. It's best to share that moment with someone ... and we want to share it with you. With a cup of tea, it is best to start the day, either finish it or beautify it anyway.
We believe it is worth seeing that good side of life. It is important to cultivate the inside, but by not neglecting the exterior.
We like to see a glass as full like the optimists do, especially full of good tea. And it's important for us to get the message that we want to transfer to everyone at any time.
A message filled with love and optimism, which reminds every day of those little things that make us big.

"We believe it is worth seeing that good side of life. It is important to cultivate the inside, but by not neglecting the exterior."

Our Goal

To challenge the status quo, enhance your life, and improve product quality, imperatives to which we are uncompromisingly committed.

Years ahead of us are the time in which we will achieve our goal of becoming one of the world's leading brands by conscientious business, introducing new technologies and creative marketing strategy.

What matters to us is that you are satisfied. This is our basic mission, and the numerous users are a confirmation that we are striving towards that path.

Come to see us, we're sure you can find something for every taste.

You need to know that when choosing our products, you choose quality in the first place. We are waiting for you.

Now you have known everything about us. Let us know you better.

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