Medium caffeine + contains nuts

Matcha? Yes!

You should never miss a chance to try our award-winning ceremonial matcha in this tea mixture.

Combined with almond, you get a perfect combination for everyone who wants to enjoy in simple but high-quality tea.

If you feel that you need some energy kicks to complete all your obligations, then this tea is for you.

Let's not forget to mention one more feature of this phenomenal blend - top taste. Although this combination seems to be too simple, you may be surprised how much it will appeal to you.


Ceremonial matcha

Ceremonial matcha

Matcha green tea contains 10 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. Besides, the caffeine contained in it can boost your overall energy throughout the day.

Almond powder

Almond powder

Ground almonds are high in fiber and vitamin E. They improve your overall digestion and mood, along with lowering your cholesterol level.


What is Matcha and Why Is It Better Than Coffee?

What is Matcha and Why Is It Better Than Coffee?

Matcha is a form of green tea grown in rural Japan and China, in shaded areas to avoid the nutrition-leaching effects of sunlight.

As a result, matcha contains a significantly higher concentration of antioxidants and 10x the amount of amino acid L-Theanine as regular green tea, making it a powerful ingredient for both sustained alertness and fat-burning potential.

This is something that coffee doesn't have.

Plus, matcha contains a little bit of caffeine, so you should feel alert, energized and calm (matcha boosts alpha activity in the brain, creating a state of focused calm).

Here’s Why You’ll Love This "SIMPL" 2-Ingredient
Almond + Ceremonial Matcha Blend

Here’s Why You’ll Love This "SIMPL"
2-Ingredient Almond + Ceremonial Matcha Blend

Maybe you’ve tried other matcha powder. But this is different…

We don’t use any other ingredients that are not natural. There is no added sugar or any other preservatives.

Instead, our flavor comes from two and only two ingredients only: the BEST Ceremonial Matcha green tea and ground almond powder.

It’s a different taste because it’s made from REAL Tencha green tea that is full of antioxidant your body loves.

Plus, we chose almond because it is one of the top 10 healthiest foods in the world according to EatingWell.

Almond blends really well with matcha, and with this mixture, you'll experience a unique, tasty matcha green tea.

Why You Can Trust SIMPLTEA's Standard

Why You Can Trust SIMPLTEA's Standard

So, how do we do it?

We follow 2 simple rules:

1) We choose the highest quality ingredients. Always.

For example, we choose the highest, premium, and organic ceremonial grade for our matcha green tea, instead of the regular food grade.

And 2) We follow a strict testing protocol for food safety:

We strictly monitor our supply facilities to make sure they follow both our standards and legal requirements. Then, we test our formula in-house and make the meals ourselves with the product.

We believe in what we create. That's why we also eat what we make!

That’s the SIMPLTEA Standard.

4 Easy Ways To Use SIMPLTEA's Almond Matcha

4 Easy Ways To Use SIMPLTEA's Almond Matcha

1. Make it as a Latte

1. Make it as a Latte

Perhaps this is the most popular use of our Almond Matcha.

There’s nothing cozier than a matcha green tea latte in the afternoon.

It's energy in a cup!

2. Add it to Your Smoothie

2. Add it to Your Smoothie

Now it's time to add Almond Matcha to your fruits and vegetables.

Blend it in a tropical mix with fruits and berries. Or add it to your green smoothie with spinach or kale.

In the morning, as a quick lunch, or as your 3 PM pick-me-up… Smoothies ALL DAY.

3. Stir It Into Oatmeal

3. Stir It Into Oatmeal

Creamy and delicious: Oatmeal with Almond Matcha is another easy way to start your day.

Throw in some blueberries or sliced strawberries, and you’ve got a healthy and delicious breakfast that will keep you full until lunchtime.

4. Bake With It

4. Bake With It

YES, YOU CAN bake with our Almond Matcha!

How about some Almond Matcha pancakes or waffles?

Baking with our Almond Matcha is awesome and GLUTEN FREE.

Plus – See the Many Health Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

Plus – See the Many Health Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

But What If I Don’t Like the Taste?

But What If I Don’t Like the Taste?

No problem – you’ll appreciate our “Love It or Get 110% Your Money Back” guarantee.

We have a simple promise: Fall in love with our products within 60 days or you can get a 110% refund.

We stand by our product, and we believe you’ll love it.

Questions? We have the answers.

Questions? We have the answers.

What is the shelf life of your teas?

Our shelf life is 1 year, but we do recommend to consume within 3 months to get the best taste.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes! Our teas are all gluten-free.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes, all of our teas and ingredients are all cruelty-free. We only test on your smoothies and lattes :)

Are your products organic?

Yes, all of our teas and ingredients are grown organically.

Do your teas contain any dairy products?

No. Our teas are all pure and do not contain any dairy products

How should I store my tea?

Keep in a dry and cool place. Keep away from the stove and do not store in the refrigerator or freezer.

Also, keep away from other strong smell items.

Oxygen, moisture, and foreign aromas are all enemies to the delicate subtleness of tea.

It is important to store tea in an airtight container to protect them from exposure to light, humidity, and high temperatures.

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    First time matcha trial

    I’ve never been that interested in matcha, it smells like grass (is it?). But this one is great, easy to mix in with smoothies or have by itself, I’m pretty fussy and I liked it. Would recommend it if you don’t like the taste of coffee & want an alternative.


    Matcha bliss balls

    I havent used matcha myself before, but I tried this in bliss balls and they were AMAZING! They made the best snack for uni and work, and a little tea goes a long way! I cant wait to try this in other things. Will definitely be making matcha lattes and more bliss balls in the future!

    Esther Boughton

    The best alternative to coffee EVER

    I just got out of a 10-day silent meditation, but before that I was super into my coffees. Since then I've just been drinking simpltea's matcha, and it's so much better! I don't get crazy energy spikes, no anxiety, plus I can add it into my green smoothies. I LOVE this stuff, it's so much better for you than coffee! Can't recommend it enough. I make matcha lattes for my friends and they love it too.


    Best Matcha I ever tried

    I have been making Matcha latte every day for 2 weeks now, and it sure has increased my energy levels. I had just become sick when I tried the Matcha powder, the next day I felt so much better already. The day after my illness was gone. My mind is clear and it really helps me concentrate now when my final exams as coming up. I study 9 hours every day, and have noticed a big difference in my concentration when consuming Matcha. I love the taste as well.

    Jenny B.

    So yummy!

    Loved this matcha! It tasted delicious when I made a matcha latte, and I plan to make many more. Also it's great to add to smoothies, to give you a little boost in the morning. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived once I placed my order.

    Samantha C.

    Absolutely amazing

    I love trying new teas and finally got around to matcha. This stuff is amazing for keeping you energized throughout the day, even during the mid afternoon slump. Definitely would recommend for those struggling with lack of energy

    Cody Curran

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