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Rose tea all day

Bloom where you are planted.

Does it happen to you on one of those days when you just feel romantic? This is most common in autumn when emotions are almost in the air. The smell of rain, the heat in your house, the cold weather outside... and what you are missing right now? We know - a perfect cup of tea!

Imagine this combination: rose, honey, and vanilla. What does it say to you? Yes, something sweet, something warm, something cozy. When you add black tea powder to all of that, you get an excellent taste and a healthy tea combination.

If you have enough gentle and romantic spirit - you will enjoy it. But, even if you are not some romantic soul, again you will enjoy. How is this possible? The excellent taste of vanilla is something that most people know how to enjoy, so this tea is intended for everyone. Who wouldn't want to rest in the empire of rose petals anyway? This is something similar. You can drink this tea, and in some moment you will feel like you are lying down in a field of roses.

  • Premium black tea

    Premium black tea

    Black tea can help remove free radicals and decrease cell damage in your body. Besides, the caffeine contained in it can boost your overall energy throughout the day.

    Rose petals

    Rose petals

    Rose petals that are ground improve your body metabolism, as well as detoxifies your body and enhances your overall mood.



    Honey powder contains much less sugar due to its extraction process. It is a natural and safe cough suppressant, as well as improving your overall mood.

  • Read my full list of ingredients here.
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